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“I was 12 and on my way to school by bus. I was carrying my cello, which was almost the size of me. An elder approached me and said he wanted to help, and he grabbed my cello from my hand. When I got off at my stop, he came with me. He was telling a story about his grandchild, suddenly hit to my chest with both hands and came down till my stomach, like part of the story. I remember that the bralette slipped off and went down to my belly.”

“That bus stop was in front of my school, so I was walking even faster to get to the school as soon as possible with fear. Getting on the bus, walking alone became unsettling. I couldn’t tell anyone about this. Unconsciously, I was aware of the situation but, since I was a child and the intention wasn't so clear, I couldn't figure it out whether, it was a joke or harassment. Years later, I was able to tell my mother. Looking back, I can see that I was harrasment by taking advantage of the innocence of a child.”


B. 30

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